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The uncertainty that has arisen, due to the pandemic and the economic crisis that is approaching, has made me think, as an artist, about my work, and the economic future of Art. According to La Real Academia Española, ART means “Manifestación de la actividad humana mediante la cual se interpreta lo real o se plasma lo imaginado con recursos plásticos, lingüísticos o sonoros.”  [ Manifestation of the human activity through which the real is interpreted or the imagined is embodied with plastic, linguistic and sonorous resources] (Asale, R. & Rae, 1970).

With this definition, I realized that the word ART encloses more than its own meaning. For me, ART is the link through which humans have been able to capture their spirit and let the world see it.

Taking into account the last idea, from the film Copying Beethoven, directed by Holland & produced by Goldschmidt et al, I concluded that Beethoven, as musician, said that through the silence, generated by his deafness, he could hear God`s voice and his music was the vehicle that generated this communication. It is reflected in the film interpreted by Joe Anderson, when Beethoven said:

“Music playing… The vibrations in the air are the breath of God, speaking to the soul of man. Music is the language of God. As musicians we are closer to God than any other man. We hear his voice, read his lips, give light to God`s children who sing their prayers. These are the musicians…, Ana… if we are not that, we are nothing”. (Holland, Goldschmidt et al., 2006).

I could not agree more. I think that Art, in all expressions, is transformed into this link because all vibrations that Beethoven mentioned are translated not only in the sound, but also in the color. When we see the color, we can listen to music, feel the Force, know the distance, and discover the harmony of the universe. Therefore, each artist is called, to create pieces that reveals God’s breath.

Edition and translation:

Camila Llano and Laura Llano.


Musical vibrations that flowed in the work of Gloria Llano (Light II) where she expresses the color vibration and the energy.


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