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It is incredible to observe and listen to the great amount of artistic expressions, including mine, in which artists find out different ways to create a communication bond between what is going on in our soul and the world.

Freddy Mercury, with Bohemian Rhapsody, expressed us that inner scream of despair, repentance and search for consolation, that even after his dead, we continue to feel. For me, the strength and feelings transmitted by his music last over time and if we take them into painting and sculpture it ends up being a true piece of art.

A painting must transmit feelings by itself, whether of craziness and desperation like presented at “The scream” of Edvard Munch, or as of harmony and creation like at the paintings of Zheng Dagian. If the painting does not transmit anything, just emptiness or a feeling of disorientation, as with many pictures during the last decades; we are just looking at a decorative creation and not into a piece of art.

Why? Because a piece of art is born from the soul of the creator, it has coherence, harmony, it reflects its being, and it lacks external influences, specially from the Art Market. It is right here, where we, as artists, find our Achilles ‘heel, which can lead us in certain moments to despair and misplacement, influencing our work. We are in front of a dichotomy between creating what we feel, or creating what the market wants us to sell, and that is what has happened in the last decades.

Artists have been influenced by the media and many paintings reflect the emptiness produced by this influence. Shortly, they are the result of a fierce system, where the sale determines the object of the painting and the artist and his creation remain on second place.

But what happens in this context, where the Covid-19 has slowed down the world in every way?

It is time to create from the silence and listen, as Beethoven would say, let “God´s voice” guide the work. It is the perfect time to break the mundane inspiration and let soul speaks. It is time, as artists, to recover the values and principles that allow us to create the best piece of art, which is to listen to our voice reflected in our work, whatever it may be.


Camila Llano and Laura Llano.


Nowadays art pieces, as well as gold and silver, are considered a great investment, since they are assets that value over time. Energy by Gloria Llano (top).

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